Because we are in debt, we have been looking for a side hustle. A neighbor we trust let us know that they have been doing direct sales for Kyani. I immediately closed out, because direct sales or network marketing is just not something I enjoy. My father used to have parties and sell things to family all the time and I think it soured me. What changed my mind was that my neighbor said they understand the reputation of direct sales and that it is not for everyone. That was it!

Emergency Car Repairs

This will be a short post, but simply adding to my poor person's diary that yesterday the car needed some repairs that came to almost $700. In the past, at this point in the vehicles history: 2006 Dodge Durango with 161,000 miles on it, I believe I would be headed down to the dealership and entering into an agreement for a new car.

How to Become Wealthy – Money Lesson #1

I found this little 4 part series I wrote in a journal back in Nov. of 2014. It is clear that I was reading a great deal on finances, as I was still unemployed at this time and pretty scared I had ruined my family. As I came across these writings, my thoughts now are why have I not implemented what I wrote? I think I would be better off now had I done so. All the same, please enjoy!