There is really only one true way that we are equal. We all sin, we all fall short, and therefore we all need Jesus Christ who atoned for those sins. That is the great equalizer. That is the reason I cannot ever think I am better than anyone else. No matter what the situation is, no matter who the person is, we have this commonality between us. This knowledge is the great unifying force.

The Gift of Free Agency

The subject of free agency (free will) is so important that a war in heaven was fought over it. It’s a tricky argument as well, so much so that a third of the hosts of heaven were lost. Think about that, one third of the stars in heaven were cast out, lost their chance to come to this earth, because of free agency. Is it not reasonable then to think that the war over agency continues today; and that it is just as important and tricky as it was in heaven?