The Best Plans

This week sucked. I had such high plans for the month of Oct. I still do have those plans and it will not change. However, the start has not gone according to plan and I need to make adjustments. In the past, I would simply stop trying when things did not go my way, but I am getting better at letting it go and moving on.


Because we are in debt, we have been looking for a side hustle. A neighbor we trust let us know that they have been doing direct sales for Kyani. I immediately closed out, because direct sales or network marketing is just not something I enjoy. My father used to have parties and sell things to family all the time and I think it soured me. What changed my mind was that my neighbor said they understand the reputation of direct sales and that it is not for everyone. That was it!


Trust is a big deal in leadership. I know that is not a great revelation, or at least, shouldn’t be. If you have the trust of those who are in your care, they are more likely to execute on your directives. It goes deeper than that however. Management above you must also have the trust of their employees in order to create a culture of success.