Last Push Before the Holidays

I love this time a year. I hope this is a time of peace for everyone and you have a great holiday season. It has been an interesting and challenging year, but I think a rewarding one with much growth.

My last 5k on Friday came in at 49 min and 55 sec. My knee started to hurt, for some reason, so I was not able to push myself as much as I wanted to. I have to leave town for Thanksgiving, so I do not believe I will be doing a 5k this week, though I may try to do one on Wed. if I get out of work in a decent enough amount of time.

I am trying to be consistent, so even if I am still 230 lbs (began the year at 240), that is OK. I just want to get into the good habits then add a slow carb diet beginning at the New Year. That is the plan anyway.

This is a diary about a poor person simply trying to make small changes for the better. Nothing major, just trying to get right Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. Thank you for anyone who enjoyed reading along.

See you after the Holiday!

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