Been a Bit

I have been working hard to better my 5k time every Friday. I try to workout doing weights and a little running during the week and then on Friday I run a 5K on the treadmill. I got a little discouraged last week because my time was terrible and I kept getting shin splints when I ran. Still I continued on and these are my results:

Nov. 1st 49 min and 52 seconds. After I ran I ended up lifting weights as well. I ran at Midnight, so it was really Nov. 2nd.

Nov. 8th in the evening was really poor and why I got discouraged. I was in so much pain and I finished at an alarming 53 min and 18 sec. That is just a brisk walk, but I did not feel like I was just walking.

Nov. 15th lunch time – I decided to run the first mile all the way and got it in at just over 14 min. The second mile was tough, but I finished just over 30 min. I pushed myself the last mile and finished just over 45 min., but had a little more to get to the 5k. I was spent and about to vomit, but I came in at 46 min and 48 sec.

Even better I was not in too much pain while running.

This is something I can latch onto and gives me the motivation for next week.

As far as weight, I just weighed in at 229, so dropping slowly, but things are starting to tighten up. I do the ab machine everyday I go, as that is where it shows the most. I still have a gut, but it is getting more firm.

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