Have We Forgotten How to Feel?

“I recommend to all of my friends that they stop watching the news.”

Morrissey in Spent the Day in Bed

I try my best not to watch the news, not to get caught up in the non-sense of the day – and believe me, it is all non-sense. The news is simply meant to make you feel scared, depressed, and helpless; to cause contention; and to sell your depression for a price.

Some think it is smart to keep up with daily events and that it is really a must if you want to have an informed opinion. I used to be in this school of thought, but no longer.

I reject it in the name of things I can and cannot control. I want to be happy during the day, so I try not to get lost in things I can’t control. I try to live my life and not give the craziness of the world a second thought.

I also reject it, because we have lost our way. Is the information even being given in a truthful manner, or is it distorted to promote an agenda – an agenda that is bigger than all of us – propaganda meant to divide, perhaps?

The other point is that even if you try, it is virtually impossible not to hear the news of the day. So I do not seek it out, rather it finds me. It is not hard to find. Just talk to anyone and you will be caught up in the news of the day. That is what happened to me today. I ran into a news story that found me, and showcases just how awful things have gotten.

Today’s news is that a judge has sided with a mother (if you can call her that), that a 7 year old boy can transition into a girl, despite the protest of the father. This is where we are at in the world. This is our news of the day. This is our society.

What is missing? It is my opinion that we have forgotten, as a society, how to feel. How are we supposed to feel when we read a story like this? We have so many non-sense news story that give us so many emotions that we do not know how to deal with, that when something of cultural importance comes along we do not know how to feel about it.

It makes us angry and depressed, because that is what the story is intended to do, so we become numb to that feeling and are tempted not to feel anything. Not to feel anything and just let things like this happen – God Forbid! And for what? So we can push a political agenda that will get someone elected to save us from ourselves. Not to mention the money involved, so much money.

Well, that is the game and it is a dangerous game with eternal consequences. When we kicked God out of our society, we were left to ourselves and we are now sacrificing our children to the God of Rhetoric; the God of Politics; the God of the News; the God of Money.

I won’t stand for it. I won’t become desensitized by all the non-sense news, so when I hear a story like this, an important story, I will remember how I am supposed to feel. How I am supposed to react. I won’t be tempted to just shrug it off into nihilism. I will remember how to feel.

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