Getting Ahead of Myself

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

I was feeling really good on Tuesday, like super good, so I decided when we went to the gym that I wanted to try to complete a 5k on the treadmill. When we go on our cardio days I typically walk at 3 mph for 45 – 50 min. This is enough to get the blood moving, and with the ups and downs of the treadmill it gives me a decent workout for a beginner.

A few years ago I ran my first and only 5k for an event called Kicking Cancers Can. I did this to support a neighbor who was battling cancer and was the recipient of that years event. Well, the truth is my wife signed her and our older two kids up to run and I was going to take care of our other two younger children while they ran.

When I returned from work that day, I immediately ate some leftover pizza and drank a really big Coke. When my wife came home from helping to setup the event and to pick up the older kids as planned, she went into the bathroom and puked. She then said “you’re up!” She was too sick to run and I needed to take the other two kids to run the 5k.

Although I had not trained, ever, and ate like garbage, I really did not feel too bad when the race started. I used to play soccer years ago and could run for days, so this did not seem like such a big deal. As the race began my kid took off and I kept pace with the middle of the group. Then we hit a hill.

It was not a big hill, but a hill none the less and I just had to start walking. I could not catch my breath, but no big deal. We weaved around a neighborhood and then, to my surprise, we were back at the park and I once again thought – wow that was not too bad. It’s only been 25 min.

As I got closer to the finish line, to my horror, I realized this was just a loop around the park and the halfway point! A few bursts of running mixed with lots of walking and I completed my first ever 5K in just under an hour. I also felt horrible for the next two weeks.

Well, since returning to the gym, and eating much better, over the last month, I have been feeling great and wanting to see where I was at with my 5K skills. So, I looked it up and if you want to do a 5k in 45 min, the I needed to walk or jog at a 4.1 MPH pace. So, feeling great I did that on Tuesday.

At the half hour mark I was at 2 miles and just a little over the 45 min. pace, but my shoes were old and killing my feet and my calves were on fire. These are things I did not anticipate. I was not out of breathe, but my legs were not cooperating, so I decided to stop there and do my cool down for the last 15 min. I am somewhat glad I did, because I am so sore today that it is silly. Perhaps pushed a little too hard too soon. Still, it has been a good mental challenge and one that I hope I can complete within the next couple of weeks. As soon as my legs can move again! 🙂

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