Weightier Matters – Update

Since I joined the gym 3 weeks ago, my wife and I have been going regularly. I am not sure we are seeing much of a difference weight wise, but things seem to be tightening up and I am starting to feel like I have a little more energy.

We decided to just make things up as we go along, with our only goal being to go consistently. To that end we decided Monday Wed and Friday we would get on a treadmill and walk for 45 minutes. On Tues and Thur we would do some weight lifting that includes all the muscle groups we can think to do. I am sure we are missing some groups and that day seems to be done in 30 min.

I read an article that said you should do 3 days of weights, and while we were on the treadmill yesterday, the trainer at the gym came up to us and let us know that she has observed us doing a MWF pattern of cardio and a TH strength regiment, which she then suggested to reverse that. I don’t know the science behind it, but since the article and now the trainer made the recommendation we will reverse the patter and do more strength conditioning next week.

We have also been taking our Triangle of Health from Kyani. It is a drop of Nitro for blood circulation in the morning along with their anti-oxidant boost called Sunrise. Another drop of the Nitro in the afternoon and evening along with their Omega’s at night called Sunset. They also make a pure protein powder that I take after the strength workouts and a fat burner I take after the cardio.

I have not been great with food or not drinking soda, but I have increased my water intake. My weight is 231, which is down a few pounds from when we began, but nothing significant.

The best news is that we are still going and look forward to next week!

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