Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

Jackie Chan

I was thinking about how my car battery died, so I jumped my vehicle and went to the car parts store to get a new battery. After I bought the battery and began to replace it, the cables wired to the battery fell off because they were so corroded and needed to be replaced as well. I went back in and purchased the wires, but I had no idea how to do the work. I asked the guy there if he could help me and he said he could not because of a liability issue.

My daughter was with me and was looking panicked. We were both wondering how we would be able to get home. A new battery without the wires is meaningless and I was starting to think I should have waited till I was home before trying to replace the battery.

A gentleman, who happened to be helping an elderly lady replace her battery was over in the next stall over and overheard the guy tell me he could not help. He said to me that he was done with helping his neighbor with her car and did not mind taking a look at mine. It took him almost an hour, an hour I am sure he did not want to spend, but he was able to get everything working in my car. I offered to pay him, but he said he was glad to help and left. My daughter was amazed by his example and kindness and I have not forgotten it.

Last week, my vehicle would not start. A buddy of mine said he would come over after work, a 50 min. drive, and take a look at it. He determined that a fuel pump was needed to be replaced, no easy task. It was 6 pm and he said “let’s do it!” I was like are you sure? Before I knew it we were knee deep in gasoline taking off the tank to replace the pump. When it was all said and done it was 1 am. He had to be to work early the next day, but all I heard from him the next day was “how is your car running?” That is pretty amazing!

Today I watched a video on how to replace a sensor in my vehicle that helps the car idle properly. I was assured it was a 5 min. task. That was until one of the screws to get the old sensor out was stripped. A neighbor saw my struggles, came over and drilled it out. It took over an hour, but the sensor was finally replaced with the help of a kind neighbor.

I am not great with cars, but that is not the point! How do I repay these folks who are such good examples of kindness? The best I know to do, is when someone asks for my help, or better yet, if I see someone who needs help, to provide it for them, no strings attached. I have no right to say no to anyone if I am able to help, because so many people have shown me kindness and helped me when I needed a hand.

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