I’m Told That I Hate You

“A church that looks and talks and sounds just like the world has no reason to exist.”

Rod Dreher

Post from Valentine’s Day 2014:

Seems like every time I turn on the TV, the radio, read a newspaper or go online I am being told that I hate you. I don’t know you, have never met you, but apparently I hate you. I am closed minded, old-fashion, intolerant, judgmental, bigoted and just plain mean. Most of the time I forget I am this way, but luckily I have the media to remind me. The reason I am this way? Turns out I believe in God; I am religious.

This has come as quite a shock to me, since I always thought that the foundation to my religion was love of God and love of my fellow man. Clearly, I have been misguided all these years into thinking that serving others, being kind, helpful and looking out for your well-being was just a rouse. Instead, the truth is that I think I am better than you, I am condescending, and I will condemn you for your sins. At least that is what I am being told. 

I reject this world view of religion. I reject the world trying to redefine religion as anything undesirable. The reality is that I don’t hate you. We may disagree on things, we may even have a few things in common, but despite what I am being told I do not wish you harm. In fact, I even want to live harmoniously with you. So despite what I am continually told, you can know I do not have any ill intentions. In fact, you can know I love you.

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