I’m Quitting My Job

April 2014 – I think I still feel this way and I am still trying to figure out the answer:

Have you ever wondered why the American story is not in The Bible? The one where you go to school, get a job, work hard, get promoted, rise to the top and finally retire. I have read book after book on how to be successful in business, how to live the American dream. In fact, I recently read what is considered to be the best book on business leadership by the top expert in the field. I should have known better. I should’ve known it was a scam. Well, to be fair the book probably is exactly the blueprint on how to manipulate others to get what you want. I think that may be a fairly accurate description of the corporate world. My biggest problem with the book was that all of the examples of ‘success’ were either politicians, Hollywood stars or CEO’s. Although, these people had ‘made it’ and make lots of money, there was a clear lack of integrity missing from this ‘standard’ of leadership.

I am not one of those people who think businesses are bad, but is sitting behind a cubicle doing a job we can’t stand really our purpose in life? I think it is honorable to help and serve others. I know we have to support ourselves and our families. I am not suggesting that these things shouldn’t exist, I am only exploring the question – is that all there is? Is there nothing more out there?

I have not been able to find in the scriptures the story of the corporate success – work hard, get paid, retire and live happily ever after. I do not believe that is the message at all. Could you imagine if the Prophets we read about spent their time at a 9 to 5? What if they had decided to spend their time watching TV to unwind from work for a few hours before going to bed? What if they couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because they were so bored of the day to day grind of monotonous paper pushing, all so they could pay for their expensive house? Now imagine what you and I are doing with our time.

Time is the scarcest resource we have. We will all run out of it at some point. When I give a report of how I spent my time on earth, will it be enough to say I went to work and became a manager? Should I say I drive a nice car and have a nice house? Would that be an acceptable report? In my mind the answer is a resounding no. Rather, I will want to say I helped serve others; I raised a God fearing family; I was good to others; I spent my time wisely doing His will.

That is why I have made the decision to quit my job. Not today, but my exit plan is in place. I need to be smart about this and make sure I have clear goals and direction. The key is I’m starting this process today. Also, once I quit this does not mean I will stop working, I will just be working at the things that I know can make a difference, the way I see it, and not through the lens of someone else. There are a million services this world needs that you and I can provide for others. What a great time to focus on those ideas of ours that we know help others and make a difference in the world.   

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