The Love of a Friend

May 10th, 1997

It was there
you laid beside me. You placed your head so close, so tired. You wanted to stay
just one more hour. The night so young, but it wasn’t meant to be. 

The flowers of spring, they don’t mean a thing to the snow of the winter; with the frost that it brings. The night is so young, but now comes to an end, because I know that you love me, but just as “a friend.”

It was warm in the night, but I’ve never felt colder. You lay here beside me with your head on my shoulder. You lay calm as the stars in the clearness of summer, but the clouds of the fall crept in while you slumbered.

And yet, you lay beside me here, in the shadows of the night. You lay so soft and carefree now, in the dimness of the light. You’re sleeping on, dreaming dreams, of just how it would be, to find “the one” to love and trust, who’s someone else but me.

I know I’ll never be with you, not even in the end. Because, I’m nothing more to you than that loving, trusting friend.  

So, I don’t let go, but to have and to hold, are words we’ll never know.

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