Experimental Poetry

This experimental poetry was simply taking lines from lyrics to songs that I enjoy and tried to put them together in some kind of way to make some poetical sense. I did this back in the 90’s, and it also has some 80’s in there.

Insomnia and the hole in the universe”

The question of length is not for or as if but rather when, or how, and what to make of the reality. Fashion, which of course, is just fashion the kind that never keeps. Thoughts being of the same kind. Sour! So sour!

I never knew of such a thing, such a power as this. And yet here we are, or there? Yet when you call, I do not walk, I run! And love?  Life, yes such is life. Dreaming dreams no one ever dared to tell me. Or bothered to make up. The face so natural as this!

“I wait up in the dark for you to speak to me”

 Poetry is not for me! Where is the right way home? So, I take another look at before. How did I end up alone?

Sea, see, or to be seen. Only the third letter in the alphabet, and what are we to make of this? Being thus in a state of instinct, I call out to hear your voice. Names, secret names, but never in my favor. The poets all around me are laughing. Smiling with a frown. Grinning to the heart of thereof. Dancing to the echoes of the same. All to ask the question, to which there is no end.

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