My Road to Happiness

Here is a journal entry from April 2014.

I have known for a long time that I am miserable at work. I have tried everything from having a positive attitude, losing myself in the work, to reading books on business leadership. Still, the idea of waking up to go to the same boring job day in and day out, just to barely make ends meet, is too much for me to take. The people around me feel the same way and we talk about it constantly, you know, how much we hate our jobs. I thought maybe just avoiding the negativity would be the solution, but alas that fix has only been temporary. I have even taken sick days just to avoid going there, sometimes even legitimately being sick because of stress.

Through this experience however I have come to realize that my road to happiness has nothing to do with work. It has to do with me. I need to do things that will fix my well-being in order to be productive and help others.

I do not know if this will be useful to others, but this is helping me on my road to happiness.

I decided to do a few things different to begin to master myself before I move on to tackle my circumstances. These have been very helpful to me and I hope they can be of use to others:

  1. Pray each morning and night – thank God for the abundance of blessings I have in my life. This is helping me with perspective.
  2. Wake up early (6am for me) and work out for 30 minutes. To do this I purchased P90X3 from Beach body. I have fought and fought myself to make sure I wake up and work out. The first month was incredibly tough and there were days I didn’t think it was worth it. However, I am now starting to feel an increase of strength and not as sick as I felt before.
  3. After I work out, and before the family is awake, I read and think while it is quiet. I read scriptures and uplifting books that require me to ponder about what is most important in life.
  4. I have started to eat better. I still eat three meals a day, but my breakfast is a green smoothie and Greek Yogurt. I then eat a Trio Bar as a snack at work before a normal lunch and dinner. I do try to eat dinner early enough to not affect my sleep. Also, I have increased the amount of water that I drink, while getting off of soda.
  5. I turned off the TV and Radio. Too much negativity was creeping into my life. Now I only watch an occasional sporting event or a show I have recorded specifically so I am not surfing around. I am moving from rock music to classical so I can feel peace while I reflect on my goals for the day.
  6. I have begun to write down my thoughts, goals and ideas every day. This has helped me focus my time on important matters.
  7. Enjoy time with my family. I no longer feel upset when my kids want me to read to them because they are interrupting my shows. Instead, I am living in the moment and really appreciating watching them learn and grow. I know I am blessed for just being allowed to be a part of the process.
  8. The next step in this process that I am going to add will be asking myself each morning – ‘who can I help today?’ and then act on the answer.

How have I come to this point? One step at a time. I started by getting up and praying for strength. That led to ideas of ‘now that I’m up maybe I should read.’ That led to exercise, which led to better eating habits etc. It is also something that is a work in progress. I know if I let up on doing these things, I will return to being miserable in my circumstances.

You will notice I have said nothing about my job. The truth is I only think about my job now when I am there. I no longer take my work home with me and I am at peace where I am at. I know work is only a temporary adventure, while I work on my goals and dreams. I am happier because I am focused on the things that really matter and not letting others, in this case my job, dictate who I am. It has been incredibly difficult to start these habits, but I know they are paying off. I can’t wait to get better at them so I can add more and more along my road to happiness.

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