Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has to be the worst day for someone like me, who is trying to get his finances in order. It doesn’t help that I have a couple of birthday’s coming up. How am I supposed to resist all the tempting deals?

What was the damage for this 2 day event? Around $500, so not too bad. The biggest items were for kitchen items: food processor, sharp knife and a Tupperware set. Next were video games for a birthday, Lego everything and basketball. I did get some Life Straws for my emergency preparedness kit, along with car emergency prep. Some sheets that were on sale, BBC Sherlock and a light for reading rounded out the haul.

Worth the money? Probably not, but the birthday’s are done and I was able to pay for it all using some savings, so no interest on it. Opportunity costs however, and that is money that is not going to the furnace or the A/C. So good that I did not get into debt over it, but there is a cost.

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