The Miracle Morning

I recently read a book that had some inspiration attached to it for me. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which can be found on Amazon.

The idea is simply to get up at least an hour earlier than you normally would, so that you can be more productive. The author takes you through ways to make sure that you can wake up, as that is not really that easy to do, at least not for me. There is some good advice around how to make sure you prepare the night before to wake up, as well as what to do to make sure you stay awake.

Once you are awake, the book gives you a series of things to accomplish, 10 min. at a time. It can be different for everyone, but for me it was to wake up, pray and meditate, read scriptures, read a book I was interested in, journal, write on a blog, and exercise. The last being the most difficult for me. It doesn’t have to be much exercise, but it does have to be. It is the consistency of doing this everyday for months that creates the miracle.

As I read up on my thoughts from 2014, it is clear that I was already on to this type of behavior and I believe that it works. What I lacked back then, and now, is the consistency. Doing something everyday for the sake of doing it has been the issue and something I am trying to correct.

Where I have been successful has been in praying and reading scriptures every day. I have done this for the last 15 years, at least, and is what keeps me going. It is hard to realize the changes and the miracles of doing this, as I believe they are subtle, but they are there and I have no idea how my life would be different if I did not do these two things every day. I can do more, though, and that is where the Miracle Morning comes in. The meditating, or pondering is essential, and writing down what you learn can be a great habit to achieve and add on to what I have already done.

So far I journaled for the month of June, but I am slacking again in July. This blog helps though and so I have at least done something and I will chalk that up to a win for this poor person.

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