The Weightier Matters – July

I am starting to put on all the weight that I worked hard to lose. Starting the year at 240, I dropped to 218. I decided to try and maintain that weight by doing intermittent fasting and running a couple of days a week. That worked well, until I stopped doing those two things. It didn’t take much to get me out of the habit and here I am at 228. That is 10 lbs in a month and as much work as it was to get it down, it does not take long to put back on.

What really compounded things was I convinced myself that I could have my first Coca Cola on July 4th. I would have 1 on that day and another on New Year’s Eve. Those were my cheat days for the entire year. As the song goes: “and so I drank 1, it became 4 and when I fell on the floor I drank more.” – The Smith’s … well, a week later and I am still drinking soda heavily. The good news is, that once I quit it again I should immediately see a drop of a few pounds.

The Plan: The first step will be to give up the soda – hello headache for a week! That’s OK, it is worth it. I researched and bought a good pro-bio tic to help heal my gut and I have some other supplements like Potassium etc., to help with the side effects of getting off of caffeine. At this point, I am an expert at this process, the harder part is staying away from the dark soda’s.

Also, I need to go back to only eating for 8 hours in the day, nothing after 6pm besides water. Once a month, I also need to do a complete 24 hour fast along with it and I will at least maintain and maybe even lose weight at a slower pace.

As far as exercise, it is easy to say I need to go back to running a couple of times a week, but I really don’t like it. I want to rather make a simple goal of building myself up to 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups a day. I think this is something I can do throughout the day when I am bored, though it will take me a few months to get up to those kinds of reps.

Finally, in Sept. I am building to go back on the slow card diet and I usually lose about 15 lbs. when I do that, so the key is to not be 240 lbs. when I start it again, so I can continually drop lower and lower and hope by New Years, I will reach my goal of 210 – 200 lbs.

Until the next mess up!

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