A Giving Spirit

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

John Bunyan

I am often praying to know what my purpose in life is. I still don’t know, but I am trying to listen more to the promptings of the Spirit as my guide. Yesterday, I was thinking a great deal about meaningful work and how to accomplish it, while still having a career to support my family. This has often been a source of anxiety for me, because I would much rather serve others than sit in a cubicle all day, but is that possible?

If you have never heard of Rodney Smith Jr., he is a gentleman from Alabama who travels the United States mowing lawns for free for those who are less fortunate. I do not believe he has ever asked the question of if it is possible, he is just doing it. He was driving one day and saw an elderly man trying to mow his lawn. He decided to stop and help the man out and realized that this was his calling. So, he started mowing peoples lawns for free in his community and then he decided to mow lawns in all 50 states.

It has been remarkable to see how this movement has grown. He decided to get others involved and so he issued the 50 yard challenge. This is for any youth, well really anyone, who would like to mow lawns for free for the elderly, disable, single mothers, or veterans. If the kids would do this, he would send them a shirt for every 10 lawns mowed and then after the 50th lawn he would come to their home and deliver them a mower, leaf blower, and weed eater. He also would present a certificate of completion and give the youth another 5 or so shirts. His site is linked here: https://weareraisingmen.com/50-yard-challenge/

It is a pretty amazing program, so my 11 year old boy decided to sign up. It took him almost a year to mow 50 lawns, but he did it and today Rodney Smith Jr., drove 1700 miles to our home to deliver the goods. What an inspiring individual! In addition, to the folks that my boy mowed for, it helped him go from shy to beaming with confidence. It also wore on my daughter and she has now taken the challenge and will mow 50 lawns over the next 2 summers. Amazing what can happen when we just give and do not think about it!

As I was thinking about all of this, I prayed to know what my path is. Although, that is a road to discovery, I ran across someone who is a single mother who is getting evicted from her home with her 4 kids, if she can’t raise $500. That is a great deal of money for me right now, but the Spirit whispered, you were raised by a single mother and this is an important cause that you should try to work at as best you can. I donated what I could, and with others the money was raised. It wasn’t the scenario per say, but a loving God that is mindful of his children that made the most impact. There are so many people I could help, if I would stop thinking about it and just do!

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