How to Become Wealthy – Money Lesson #4

Final installment in a short series I wrote in 2014. There is probably much more to be expanded on than what I originally wrote. Still, it is nice to have kept these entries and I can learn from what I have not been doing. Short and Sweet and I expanded on it more in another post earlier.

Nov. 20014

Give Your Money Away:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Charles Dickens

This is not a step that can’t be skipped. Money is about behavior and if you are selfish with your money you will never be happy. You will always want more and will not keep things in their proper perspective. It is imperative that you give 10% of your increase to charity.

This money is not taxes, it is not something taken from you and nothing you can do about it. It is money that you willingly give to others and it will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. True wealth is found in helping others.

Lesson #1 Pay Yourself First

Lesson #2 Avoid Debt

Lesson #3 Getting out of Debt

Lesson #4 Give to Others

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