Food Storage

“Most folks don’t have but a few days to a week’s worth of food in their houses at any given time. When they run out, they’ll have to forage. Only the fools will forage in town. The smart ones will look on the outskirts.”

Edward M. Wolfe, Hell on Ice

From my post about quitting my job, I mentioned that one thing that would have helped a great deal was 6 months of savings. I have a friend who is going through a job loss right now but has savings and so is able to wait it out until the right job comes along. That would have made an incredible difference for me as well. The other thought I have had is that it would have been good to have a year supply of food.

I know a year supply of food sounds daunting, perhaps even gross, but it really doesn’t have to be. I mean, I eat pasta and SpaghettiOs’s all the time and these are easy things to store for a year. The kids love Mac N Cheese and Top Ramen and again these are cheap items that can sit in your pantry for a while. Once you get your year supply, then you rotate those items out. I think had I had some foresight, this would have also made a big difference for when I quit my job. I would not have been so worried about what we were going to do for food and I could have focused on my next adventure instead.

I am no guru on how to have a year supply of food, or how to do it, but I want to add it to my goals for this year without breaking the bank. I hope by the end of the year to at least have 3 months available and see how hard it is. Once there I can expand to 6 months and so on.

This is not the same as an emergency supply, though it can be used in an emergency. This is simply a way to make sure my family is fed, if I ever experience a job loss again. 6 months savings and a year supply of food would certainly calm the storm.

The savings part is going to be much more difficult. I have $1,000, but since I am trying to get out of debt I am going to be putting everything extra into the debt instead. So, having $15,000 – $30,000 sitting in a savings account seems daunting, but it is the way to go if you want protection from job loss. The food supply on the other hand, I do feel like is something I can accomplish, I just have to find out how to do it and the right resources on how to manage the supply. Would love to get some ideas and tips, if anybody has some.

I know there is short term storage and long-term storage, and I want to have things that we will actually eat and not things like wheat for example that requires a grinder or other ingredients to make food in an emergency. Again, it is not an emergency storage, but something we will actually rotate throughout the year. I think I will start with pastas, as the kind we buy have a shelf life of 2 years.

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