Vacation vs. Debt

“As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you’ve allotted for vacation.”

John Battelle

I know the practical answer is that since we are in so much debt we should not be taking any vacations and working toward paying off our debt. We just had our A/C and Furnace unit go out and that cost us a paltry $8200, well $7900 after rebates. We do not have the money in cash, so we chose to take the 18-month 0% interest option, with the hope of paying it off at the beginning of the year when I get my bonus. We still have our mortgage and 2nd mortgage that are next in line along with a monster student loan, though the payment right now is not a heavy burden.

We have $1,000 in savings and after all of our bills we have $700 a month for food, gas, and anything else we would like. We also have $1,000 left over from the refinance of our home. So, the question is, do we take that money and take a vacation in July.

Some things to consider: my son will be graduating High School next year and will be leaving to college. This is time we cannot get back. Our other children are growing up quick as well. Sadly, in all of our debt throughout the year, we were not purchasing memories, but stuff. Stuff! So, even though we are in a tremendous amount of debt we have not really done a great deal together as a family. Again, all time we cannot get back. Finally, we are not looking to go anywhere extravagant, simply a place to hang out together and see some sites. Outside of a place to stay and food, not much cost involved.

We were lucky enough this year to go to Disneyland. This had been a point of contention for our entire married life. I do not like the place and did not want to spend the money. When my work decided to send me to Anaheim for a conference, there was really no reason to say no. We went, but I could only spend part of 1 day there, as I was in conference the rest of the time. They had fun but missed having me there for most of it. So, we now want to do something together, where I do not have to work and can spend the time with them.

The practical thing to do, is to say no and work on the debt, but I think we are going to go and spend some time with each other. It may cost us some interest in the long run, but again, time is something we cannot get back.

This is not financial advice and remember these types of things are the reason I am poor and writing a poor person’s diary, but it is how I honestly feel and why we are going to go on vacation instead of using the money towards debt.

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